Welcome to Expedition Americas, a solo overland adventure from Salt Lake City, Utah to Ushuaia, Argentina.  Beginning November 6th, 2007 Dave Connors will set out on his ten month journey through two continents, seventeen countries, and 28,000 miles. 

North America will be a quick sprint north to Banff, Alberta. Then west from there to the pacific coast and south down US Highway 1. The journey through Central and South America will focus on history and culture, ancient civilizations and their remnants. Dave's journey is also about experiencing the beauty and excitement of the natural world.  His 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser will be the door through which he enters a world of exploration and adventure.   The overland route will allow him the freedom to explore the more remote and unmolested regions of the Western Hemisphere. Those unique places left out of the guidebooks and off the tourist worn path.

Join Dave on his journey through his travel blog and photo essay.