Expedition Americas began its life with a chance encounter along the Alaska Highway in 1996. Dave Connors was traveling outside of Whitehorse, in the Yukon, on his way home from a summer in Juneau, Alaska when he met some overland travelers from Argentina. That innocent roadside conversation sparked a fire that slowly intensified over time. Shortly thereafter Dave sold his car and purchased his first Toyota Land Cruiser. His passion for the outdoors, combined with a love of Land Cruisers brought him to a simple book with profound effects. "Who Needs A Road?" by Harold Stephens and Albert Podell recounts their record setting journey around the world in the venerable FJ40 Land Cruiser. That book and his wanderlust have brought him to this juncture, on the verge of realizing a decade of dreaming and preparation. 

Dave Connors was raised with an appreciation for the outdoors and learned early about the beauty of the natural world. From his paternal grandparents he discovered a love for the deserts and ancient geology of the Great Basin. His maternal grandfather, O'Dell Petersen, filled his nascent mind with stories of first ascents and dramatic adventures from his mountaineering days in the Wasatch Mountains of northern Utah. His parents taught him to respect and appreciate the wondrous land at his doorstep. Growing up in Utah granted intimate access to one of Mother Nature's finest playgrounds. Climbing, mountain biking, peak bagging and desert solitude shaped him.

Most of his early adulthood was spent throughout Alaska. There he worked in the outdoors and continued to push himself and his skills in new and unique terrain. Gone were the arid heat and harsh glare of the desert. Calving glaciers and persistent rainfall taught him quickly about the effect water plays in the global ecosystem. His years in Alaska taught him as much about people however as it did about the outdoors. It inculcated an ideology based upon individuality of thought and respect for diversity.   Expedition Americas will provide unlimited opportunity for him to explore new cultures, unique perspectives and diverse natural terrain.